AAD Offers Developers a Robust IoT Sensor Platform

Monday, January 22, 2018 - 21:15


Sensing devices are at the heart of Internet of Things (IoT) technology innovation, and Arrow Altech Distribution (AAD) is enhancing its presence in sensor-to-cloud-to-analytics IoT technology platforms.


This spans the gambit of environmental sensors, and includes lightning sensors, air sensors for detecting PM2.5 and PM10 suspended particulates, water temperature, dissolved oxygen and water acidity, air pressure, humidity and temperature and UV sensors.


This technology opens up a broad range of opportunities for engineers and developers serving industries that are working on solutions for the environmental challenges that threaten food security and other critical environmental aspects of life as we know it, as well as the way we are impacted by our cities, roads and workplaces.


A Starting Point for Building IoT Solutions

Those building IoT solutions in this space want to deliver sensory products to the market quickly and cost effectively. With AAD’s Sensory IoT solutions they are able to gather accurate and reliable sensory information in real-time and use this to create ready-to-deploy IoT applications and devices, making use of an open data-sharing infrastructure and AAD’s sensor-to-cloud-to-analytics technology stacks, tools and platforms.


A High-impact Partnership

In bringing this technology to its market, AAD partners with Libelium, a global company that is able to ‘connect any sensor to any cloud platform using any wireless technology’ making IoT more widely accessible. 


The partnership between Arrow Engineering and Libelium allows us to make a positive impact on the world through:

  • Detection of forest fires, volcanic activity, and radiation levels
  • Improving crop yields
  • Preventing agricultural plagues
  • Monitoring traffic patterns
  • Controlling wastewater irrigation
  • Resourcing smart factories and smart cities
  • Protecting vulnerable ecosystems


Libelium has assisted organisations in deploying remote sensing solutions in applications including forestry, agriculture, environmental monitoring, smart manufacturing and traffic control since 2006. Their hardware is designed to minimise power consumption, further contributing to the reduced environmental footprint that serves as the underlying philosophy in their market value proposition.


AAD’s IoT offerings, in turn, include a comprehensive range of hardware components, development platforms and software tools linked together by supporting services. AAD’s eVolve platform, which includes Arrow Connect, provides customers with a complete ‘Sensor-to-Sunset’ solution that simplifies the specification, creation, management and operation of IoT networks throughout their working life.


By harnessing and giving expression to sensing innovation through their respective capabilities, Libelium and Arrow play a significant role when it comes to providing a robust technology framework and infrastructure platform, available as an off-the-shelf IoT solution requiring minimal design effort prior to deployment.


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