AAD are a proud distributor of Ritar Batteries. The Chinese based company, manufactures and sells environmentally friendly Sealed Lead Acid  (SLA) batteries. 

The following ranges are available:

VLRA AGM Batteries:

Features: Long design life, low self-discharge rate, good high rate discharge performance, and wide operation temperature range

Applications: Gate Motors, Garage door openers, renewable energy, UPS etc

Sizes Available: From 2V to 12V and from 1.3Ah to 3000Ah

Lead Carbon Batteries:

DC- C series is lead carbon battery and carbon material with high capacitance and high conductance is added into the negative electrode, combining the advantages of lead acid batteries and super capacitors. Lead carbon battery provides not only high energy density, but also high power, rapid charge and discharge, longer cycle life. It is suitable for solar and wind renewable energy, etc

Sizes available 12V 75Ah to 12V 225Ah

For more information please contact:

Mattheus van Emmenis
Field Application Engineer
Arrow Altech
+27 (0) 11 923 9875
+27 (0) 83 256 1764