Federating existing network of camera into a smart network

Edgeway is a leading video platform that allows organisations to build and manage networks of cameras through a single pane of glass.

It is a scalable and secure solution that seamlessly integrates your new or legacy camera systems into a smart infrastructure that comprises an IoT edge network.

This network can be operated at scale and uses machine learning and AI to unlock extensive monitoring capabilities, making it an ideal solution for organisations who want to modernise their operations.

How it works

Edgeway deploys edge nodes that connect to your existing cameras to create digital twins called virtual cameras.
These virtual cameras use the footage of your physical cameras, but leverage AI technology to collect more information from this content.
Because your virtual cameras comprise the same video footage as your existing cameras, all your applications interact with them in the same way – ensuring you maintain all the same functionality as before.
Your virtual cameras then provide their additional functionality thanks to the Edgeway Management (EWM) cloud interface and an extensive range of Cloud AIs that allow you to generate advanced monitoring data.

Use cases

Edgeway’s virtual cameras can be used as sensors that, when combined with cloud AIs, provide organisations with an endless supply of critical data. This gives organisations a range of abilities, such as the ability to detect if people are wearing masks, or detect if there is a fire in a monitored zone.
As Edgeway enables a camera feed to provide the same functionality as multiple sensors – through the creation of multiple virtual cameras – there are a wide range of uses cases for organisations.
For example: a prominent telecommunications company uses Edgeway to run traffic surveys and monitor bus lane infringements in major cities.
It did this without needing to install additional sensors across these cities, as it can use existing cameras to track key data thanks to Edgeway.

Edgeway Management cloud interface

Edgeway integrates all its virtual cameras into a single interface – even if the physical cameras are spread over multiple networks – through the EWM cloud interface.

The EWM cloud interface allows you to build a decentralised infrastructure from which you can manage these virtual cameras, process their content, and communicate this data with various cloud-hosted backends.

This interface offers extensive functionality, including:

  • Cloud AI – Use one camera to feed multiple cloud AIs.
  • VSaaS – Use virtual cameras with any Video Surveillance-as-a-Service platform.
  • Hypervision – Global control room with centralised local and remote camera feeds.
  • Cybersecurity – Shield your cameras with network firewalls and other security measures.

Altron Arrow and Edgeway

Altron Arrow is a leading distributor of Edgeway solutions in South Africa.

It can help your business onboard its existing camera systems into a single, unified platform with endless monitoring capabilities.