Supplier of current sensors, regulators and driver IC’s

Supplier of Analog, Power ICs

Power, Isolation, DSP, RF, MCU, communication sensors

FPGA, CPU, NUC, Memory, WIFI, Networking

Supplier of discrete, logic, mixed-signal, timing and Hall effect semiconductors and more.

Semiconductors, Discretes, Power, Sensors & Wireless

Leading provider of smart, connected and secure embedded control solutions.

Supplier of Baluns, Filters
Passives,  Internal Antennas

Global manufacturer of circuit protection, power control & sensing.

Supplier of full range of discrete commodity semiconductor devices.

Supplier of discrete, logic, mixed-signal, RF and Optic semiconductors, and more.

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Transistors, Fets, diodes, Logic, ESD protection

MCU, Logic, Communication, RF, WIFI, Bluetooth, Accelerometer

Power, Isolation, Networking, MCU, DSP, Sensors

MCU, BT, WIFI, RF, ZIGBEE, 8051, USB Serial bridges, Sensors

Supplier of MCUs, Power ICs, Analog, Sensors, RF ICs, Wireless Modules

RF, Imaging, ADC

Supplier of Analog, Power ICs
Optoelectronics, Passives

SIC, Rectifiers, IGBT, TVS, Transistors