PNY offers solutions for a wide variety of Consumer,
Commercial and OEM customers worldwide.


PNY Consumer Solutions provide customers with quality products that are reliable, affordable, and geared towards consumers’ needs. PNY products function with a wide variety of computer and digital devices to enhance your user experience.


PNY Commercial Solutions provide customers with powerful tools to manage heavy workloads. NVIDIA Professional and Computing Gaming Graphics Cards, Data Center GPUs and Networking Solutions, PNY Memory Upgrades and Solid-State Drives. All PNY products are designed and built with system integrators in mind to provide advanced application performance, top productivity, and greater power efficiency.


PNY OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Solutions provide customers with industry expertise, competitive pricing and quality products. As a leading manufacturer and supplier within the Flash Memory, Solid-State Drive, Graphics Card, and Memory Upgrade OEM markets, PNY’s extensive product portfolio and comprehensive list of services help customers customize their own solutions.